Policies and Pricelist

Le Conseil scolaire-communautaire Évangéline (CSCÉ) publishes the bulletin in French, with a bilingual version, to serve the entire population of the Evangeline region.

If an ad must be included in both official languages, please specify this when sending the ad and please include your English version.

Each ad must indicate the date, time, place and description of the activity, as well as the name, address and phone number of the person or organisation responsible for the activity.

Le CSCÉ does not accept ads over the telephone.

The bulletin will only be published ever second week.

All ads must be submitted no later than Wednesday at 4 p.m. of the publication week.

The ads must be sent to the office of le CSCÉ:

Conseil scolaire-communautaire Évangéline

1595, route 124, RR1

Wellington, PE  C0B 2E0

Email: reception@cscevangeline.ca

Fax: 854-2981

The following types of ads will not be accepted:

  • job offers that are not listed in La Voix acadienne
  • classified ads from individuals or profitable organisations
  • Le Conseil scolaire-communautaire Évangéline will use its own discretion when choosing which ads to accept.The following ads will be published at no cost (must not exceed 4 to 6 lines):
  • annual meetings
  • fundraisers for individuals or families
  • fundraisers for students of École Évangéline
  • wedding anniversaries of 50 years or more
  • birthdays for 90 years or more
  • thank you notes for funerals.Price The cost for an additional page is $75. Maximum of 6 lines per ad (excluding title).
  • Packages (Ads purchased in a package can be used at any time, and do not expire.)
  • The cost for a double-sided additional page is $125 (whether you make your own copies or not).
  • Additional Pages
  • The price for one ad is $12 for 4 lines or less (excluding title). Each additional line is $1 per publication.
  • $50 for a maximum of 5 ads
  • $75 for a maximum of 7 ads
  • $100 for a maximum of 10 ads
  • $140 for a maximum of 15 ads
  • $180 for a maximum of 20 ads

"La région Évangéline: une communauté acadienne fière, forte et engagée"